• Alien intelligence: AI and the future of architecture.

  • Start: Wednesday, 11 October 13:00
    End: Wednesday, 11 October 14:30
  • Universidad Nebrija, Calle de Santa Cruz de Marcenado, Madrid, España
  • If there is one topic that has captured the imagination not only of the public in general, but also architects in particular  in recent months, it is AI. But what exactly is AI? How did it develop? And what potential impact is it going to have in the future? This lecture offers a comprehensive introduction to AI for architects, speculating about how AI will develop in the future, and  what impact it is likely to have - both good and bad on the profession itself. Importantly, however, the lecture also sets the debate within the broader discourse of AI as a whole, highlighting how the leaders in the field view AI and the  potential risks it might hold for the future.

    Neil Leach (Director of Doctor of Design. Florida International University) is a British professor and licensed architect currently based in California. He has worked for NASA, developing a 3D printer for the Moon and Mars, and is the co-founder of DigitalFUTURES. Having authored over 40 books on architecture and digital design, and taught at some of the world’s leading architecture schools, including the AA, Harvard, SCI-Arc, and Columbia, his in-depth understanding of the professional and academic landscapes of architecture allows him to speculate on how artificial intelligence will impact the future of design.